2016 Scion FRS

/ 2016 Scion FRS

Build Details

The Scion FRS is an amazing car for modifying, the aftermarket support for these vehicles is immense with plenty to offer for however you would like to build them. This particular one was brought to us completely stock and looking for a huge transformation. After sitting down and consulting with the customer we hit the ground running building his dream car. We started out simple with a few aero upgrades from velox motorpsorts. The front splitter, hood louvers, and rear splitter was installed. Combined that with a Seidoworks rear spoiler that is one of ten in the world, a set of Tien coilovers, and some new wheels and tires really started to set this FRS apart from the rest. We didn't stop there, next up go wide. Speedhunters provided us with their KM4SH wide body kit, wheel lab got us a set of custom 3 piece Rotiform HUR wheels, and we wrapped them in a sticky set of Hankook V12 tires. With all the looks we couldn't leave the engine alone. Next up a Sprintex 210 Supercharger was installed adding some much needed boost, Tomei unequal length headers and over pipe was also installed on the vehicle. At the tail end the Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust delivers a great tone. Inside we upgraded the factory shifter with an IRP short shifter reducing shifts by 60%. Engine data is always important in performance vehicles so we added a set of Prosport EVO gauges reading oil pressure, boost, and air fuel ratios. Finishing off the car we removed all the Scion decals and badges and swapped them out for the Toyota ones. This FRS has under gone a lot of work. Looking mean coming down the road and performing extremely well.


SpeedHunters KM4SH Widebody Kit, 3 Piece Rotiform HUR Wheels, Tein Coilovers, Velox Aero, Seidoworks Rear Spoiler, Sprintex 210 Supercharger, Motoeast Ecutek Tune, Hankook V12 Tires, Prosport Evo Gauges, Tomei UEL Headers, Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust